Be aware. Everywhere.

Purse, door, stroller, or bike—get an instant notification if something moves when it shouldn't.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about your bag. Or your laptop. Or even your door. Stilla Motion, the pocket-sized security system, is here to help. Simply connect it to your smartphone or smartwatch and stay instantly alerted of any movement. Focus on what’s important to you.

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Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Download the Stilla App and sync it with your Stilla device.

  2. Activate Stilla Motion inside the app or by simply pressing the Stilla device itself. Place it on anything you wish to guard.

  3. Relax. If someone tries to move your guarded object you’ll be notified. Instantly.

Built with quality

Stilla Motion is designed for a simple and flexible user experience, while also making use of supreme technology to guarantee reliability. It features a brand new innovation that allows for extended reach and market unique tracking functionality, and that’s just some of the good stuff.

  • Full year battery life, easily replaceable

  • Strong 85+ dB alarm inside

  • Android and iOS compatible

  • Durable and splash-resistant

  • 150 feet range, tracking enabled

  • Sound, vibration, and image alert modes

User stories

  • Every hotel in Barcelona should have one. I've seen thieves climb up and jump through the window, even when someone was in the room! A Stilla on the window would make me feel much safer.Sheila Golrang—Traveller

  • You can back up a memory card, but unfortunately there’s no way to back up a camera—you can’t back up an actual lens.Michael O'Donnell—Photographer

  • I got my bag stolen at a party the other week, I wish I've had one then... I bought that bag in Italy and will never be able to get it back.Dinelle Lucchesi—Entrepreneur

The team

We are a diverse global team with exceptional, award winning talent both on the design, engineering, and business side. Our synergy already stretches from Stockholm to California, and this journey has only just begun.

You deserve some peace of mind.

You can’t be everywhere at the same time. Yet. Stilla is on its way, and when it’s here it won’t settle with just showing you where things are, but it will put you in direct touch with them. If they move, you’ll know. Instantly. Consider it a beautiful extension of yourself.

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